Roseanne Barr Plans to Interview Herself

Roseanne Barr Plans to Interview Herself

Roseanne Barr is convinced that we just don't understand her. After being fired from her sitcom for posting a racist tweet, she's been repeatedly telling her side of the story in an attempt to convince everyone that she's not racist. Now she's announced plans to interview herself and post the interview on YouTube in order to avoid the "untrustworthy" media. Because when you conduct your own self-interview, that's totally trustworthy. Read on for details.

Via Page Six.

The day after saying she was going to be interviewed, tweeting that she would reveal details today, Roseanne Barr announced she will film her own interview.

And, in a case of perfect comedic timing, Barr timed her Twitter to 9:01 PM ET – the exact moment President Donald Trump took to the podium in the White House East Room to announce his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“After a lot of thought, I decided that I won’t be doing any TV interviews, too stressful & untrustworthy 4 me & my fans,” Barr wrote to her 891,000 Twitter followers. “I’m going to film it myself & post it on my youtube channel in the next week-the entire explanation of what happened & why! I love you all-sign up & get ready.”

Barr’s YouTube page currently has nearly 16,000 subscribers. She has not posted a video to the site in seven months.

On Sunday, she took to Twitter to thank “my wonderful fans who I treasure and love-who have carried me these past weeks when I was 2 weak 2 carry myself: I will be doing a TV interview this week. I’ll tell u about it tomorrow!”

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