Rumor: Miley Cyrus May Have Wrist-Cutting Problem

Rumor: Miley Cyrus May Have Wrist-Cutting Problem Here's hoping years spent under the spotlight's heat haven't started melting Miley Cyrus.

Hollywood Life has put two and two together, and started wondering if the former "Hannah Montana" star hasn't begun a self-destructive path. Citing numerous recent tweets, the blog has speculated that Cyrus has both developed an eating disorder that's cost her 20 healthy pounds and begun habits of self-mutilation.

The site yesterday posted several tweets by Cyrus focused on the joys of eating, right alongside photo comparisons proving the altready svelte star has grown noticeably more wiry recently.

The same day, Cyrus posted this remarking on the symbology of scars.

The tweet takes on a disconcerting new significance when paired with the healed-over horizontal marks seen here on this close-up of Cyrus' wrist.

Oh, Miley.

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