Run For 'The Hills', Heidi Montag is Cooking With a 'Real Housewife' and a 'Bachelor'!

Run For 'The Hills', Heidi Montag is Cooking With a 'Real Housewife' and a 'Bachelor'! Heidi Montag absolutely refuses to go quietly into obscurity. The former "The Hills" star is shooting a new reality show with an unlikely set of co-stars: former "The Bachelor" contestant Jake Pavelka and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub.

The three are part of a new show that puts celebrities (if you want to call these three celebrities) under pressure. How? By putting them in the food business.

Montag, Pavelka and Staub are tasked with opening a restaurant in 28 days by taking an existing space and giving it a set of cosmetic changes from head to toe...a procedure that Heidi Montag is totally familiar with. Count it!

Few other details about the show have been released, other than the fact that it is being developed for VH1, the official home of washed-up celebrities looking for a comeback. Though these three are supposed to put a restaurant together in 28 days, it is unknown as to whether that is their only challenge or whether they are the only cast members of the show.

These three have already begun shooting, as Staub revealed via Twitter. We should hear an official announcement of some sort soon...provided one of these three doesn't spill the beans first.

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