Ryan Seacrest Plans 'Draw Something' Game Show

Ryan Seacrest Plans 'Draw Something' Game Show Are you sick of playing OMGPop's addictive game Draw Something on your phone? How about playing it on television instead?

CBS has just bought a pilot from Ryan Seacrest that would bring Draw Something to television as a game show. Presumably, the show would work like "Pictionary" or "Win, Lose or Draw," which had similar formats of having teammates guess words based on drawings.

This time around, though, the format will have the brand name of Draw Something behind it, which might help draw in viewers (no pun intended... oh, who am I kidding, of course it was intended). Draw Something rocketed to an almost Angry Birdes-esque level of popularity within its first month of existence, amassing 35 million downloads. The number of current active users is a different story, but it's still impressive.

Seacrest is only producing, and will not be hosting the show (he has this other gig, something called "American Idol" or whatever). The game show landed at CBS after multiple networks got into a bidding war over it, so it's a hot commodity right now. Could this be the revival of the game show? Will we see an Angry Birds game show soon, or a translation of Words With Friends that lasts a little longer than "Merv Griffin's Crosswords?"

For good measure, check out one of the greatest Draw Something entries of all time:

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