Sarah Palin Hosting Tuesday's 'Today' Show

Sarah Palin Hosting Tuesday's 'Today' Show Depending upon your leanings, this coming Tuesday could be either your best or worst morning ever.

Former 2008 vice presidential candidate alongside John McCain, Fox News correspondent and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will co-host Tuesday morning's live "Today" show on NBC alongside regular hosts Ann Curry and Matt Lauer, as announced on this weekend's "Today" broadcast and reported by "Entertainment Tonight".

She joins other Studio 1A drop-ins including Kim Kardashian, E! hostess Giuliana Rancic, actress and reality TV personality Tori Spelling, "19 Kids And Counting" family the Duggars and live musical guest Nicki Minaj. Palin's name has most recently been on America's lips not so much for anything she's done, but for Julianne Moore's acclaimed portrayal of her in the HBO film "Game Change" documenting her 2008 campaign alongside McCain contesting Barack Obama's own run to the White House.

Funny, though, how some paths can run parallel. Palin's most infamous media foe has her very own A.M. agenda this week: former CBS News anchor Katie Couric will host ABC's "Good Morning America" in regular host Robin Roberts' absence alongside George Stephanopoulos. Couric's 2008 prime time interview with Palin has always been cited by the feisty Republican as the definition of "gotcha" journalism designed to portray Palin as an ignorant babe in the political woods, right up to Couric's 2011 exit from behind the CBS News anchor desk when her contract ended.

It also might've very well led up Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's finest "Saturday Night Live" hour, when the two parodied the segment with Poehler quoting Couric's questions word-for-word and Fey performing an uncanny but hammed-up Palin impression.

Making the irony all the more smirking, it was of course hosting "Today" alongside Bryant Gumbel where Couric made a name for herself before her CBS News gig.

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