ScarJo and Sean Penn Take a Trip (Flee?) to Mexico

For a couple who's "not dating," Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn sure are spending a lot of time together.

The two reportedly flew out of Van Nuys airport on a private jet Thursday night and had dinner in Cabo San Lucas, then returned to Los Angeles early Wednesday morning. The two might have just really wanted some authentic margaritas, but likely the trip was planned to avoid press. So much for that, I guess.

Penn divorced his wife, Robin Wright, back in 2009, and Scarlett recently broke off her brief marriage to "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds.

Back in early February, Penn and Johansson (can we call them SeanJo?) were apparently very close and flirty at a "Black Swan" party at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

Last week, SeanJo were spotted having lunch together, when Scarlett had her leg "draped over Penn." Johansson's reps told the press back in February that the two were "not dating." Things might have changed since then.

Johansson is currently working on "We Bought a Zoo" with Matt Damon, while Penn recently finished production on "This Must Be the Place" and "The Tree of Life."

The recent divorces are one scandal, but the age difference is something else entirely: Penn, at 50 years old, is literally almost twice the age of Johansson, who is 26.

What do you think? Is Penn to old for Scarlett? Got any better suggestions than SeanJo? (Ed. Note: Seanlett?)