Watch David Letterman And Jon Stewart Talk Underwear And Mitt Romney

Watch David Letterman And Jon Stewart Talk Underwear And Mitt Romney Strange but true equation: Mormon presidential candidate, plus underwear, plus sex with interns, equals . . .

. . . Sean having something to write about.

While nobody knows quite yet what gives with the sudden "Colbert Report" taping cancelations, we know where Jon Stewart was last night. The fundit - take is as "funny pundit" or "faux pundit"...the world's your oyster on this one - stopped by for a chat Wednesday on "The Late Show" with David Letterman.

They great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss things, and small minds discuss people. So what becomes of a meeting of two comedic minds respectively behind a desk and seated upon a comfy chair?

It started with Stewart likening Romney to the Uncanny Valley-smooth rendered pixels of "The Adventures of Tintin." We'll call that combining "people" and "ideas." Somehow, that lit the "underpants" light in Letterman's head and sent the hamster on a dead sprint that might have nearly unhinged the wheel. Specifically, he meandered into how the top Republican presidential contender looks like "the guy who's on the underwear package."

Complete with a "WTF, yo?!" near spit-take by Stewart.

Stewart then spun off that keen observation into wondering whether Letterman has eschewed underpants for interns that "just sit there and hug your groin for you."

"Jon, Jon, Jon . . . I had a little trouble along those lines," quipped Letterman as Stewart absolutely loses his proverbial "sh*t comedians say."

Check out the complete exchange below.

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