See a Deleted Scene from 'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Opener

See a Deleted Scene from 'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Opener If you remember back to last October, you might remember how the season 2 premiere of "The Walking Dead" was a fairly quiet one at the start: we had Rick on a walkie talkie and then we were on to the herd scene, which was plenty stressful but not exactly action-packed.

It would seem from this deleted scene, though, that there was originally a big escape from Atlanta planned, right after the CDC incident. In fact, it looks like Rick and the gang were going to go pay a visit to those guys who kidnapped Glenn.

In the clip, the gang arrives at the run-down building, but the people who were staying there are in pretty bad shape. In fact, they're being rather noisily and gruesomely eaten by zombies. When the walkers notice the gang, they attack, and Rick makes a snap decision: "To hell with the noise," he says, and everyone starts playing whack-a-zombie with bullets.

This would have served as an interesting intro to season two, which dealt heavily with the concept of whether or not it was okay to kill these walkers. Herschel saw them as people who were just ill, while Rick and the rest saw them differently. In fact, this scene is a bit similar visually to the infamous barn scene.

And speaking of which, look at all these characters who are still alive! Goes to show you how many people we really lost in season two. Who will bite the dust in the upcoming third season? We're not sure, but based on the "Walking Dead" season three trailer, somebody probably will at some point.

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