See a Design for a 'Breaking Bad' Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

See a Design for a 'Breaking Bad' Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor You may remember, from a while back, a rather clever design for a fictional Ben & Jerry's flavor based on "Dexter," which included a key lime pie base with a strawberry "blood" swirl, among other ingredients. That little bit of Photoshop fun came from graphic artist John Defreest, who has a history of making Ben & Jerry's designs based on some of the better TV shows out there.

Well, Defreest is back for the summer and is providing yet another flavor for the new season of "Breaking Bad." No, it doesn't have meth in it. Not real meth, anyway.

The design this time is for Walter White's Heisen-Brrr-g Crunch (see what he did there?) which is a vanilla ice cream with little Heisenberg hats made out of black licorice. The coup de grace: the addition of blue raspberry pop rocks, representing the signature blue meth that Walt and Jesse cook.

Pretty good, right? Of course, this isn't a real flavor, just Defreest's design for kicks. I don't think this one would sell very well anyway... who wants black licorice chunks in their ice cream? No thanks, I'll stick to the "Mad Men" inspired Betty Francis flavor. It has Bugles in it.

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