See Jenna Fischer Outside 'The Office' in the Trailer for 'A Little Help'

See Jenna Fischer Outside 'The Office' in the Trailer for 'A Little Help' I've always sort of believed Jenna Fischer was a good actress. I mean, she's great on "The Office," don't get me wrong, but it's a hard role to make a real case for her. Especially lately when the show's been cutting her character so many breaks.

Well, the other night I caught a screening of "A Little Help," the feature film debut of longtime television writer/producer Michel J. Weithorn, and am pleased to report than Jenna Fischer can, indeed, act.

The trailer below gives a pretty good sense of the film's tone, and the general plot that carries the film along - after Laura's (Jenna Fischer) husband dies, their son spins the lie that he died saving people on 9/11 (the film takes place not long after that). Laura, not really knowing how to raise her son in the first place, goes along with it to gain his affection.

The film, thankfully, has a lot more meat than that, and it's (surprisingly) almost uncommonly mean. When people fight, they fight like real people fight. They don't make well-observed, incisive points about the other person. They're petty, and they play dirty.

It's not a flawless film (what is?), but it's a nice little character piece, and incidentally, one of the only films Fischer has been in that acknowledges how attractive she is.

Check out the trailer below, let us know what you think. The film also stars Chris O'Donnell (I know, right?), Aida Turturro (from "The Sopranos"), and Rob Benedict in what, in a just world, would be a star-making turn. It comes out in limited release on June 24th.

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