See New Pictures From 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'!

Lionsgate has released another teaser round of photos from the highly anticipated “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” and they’re plenty satisfying, especially if you’re hoping in your heart of hearts for more shots of Bella looking red-eyed and protective, and her vampire baby Renesmee looking genetically blessed and overall adorable.

In the final film in the “Twilight” line-up, we find the Cullen family defending the born, not made, Renesmee from false allegations that put her into trouble with the Volturi. The film is due to hit theaters November 16 of this year, and the studio has been sure to build anticipation by releasing trailers and on-set photographs at a tantalizingly slow rate.

In this round, aside from Vampire Bella mothering the too-cute Renesmee, we’ve got lots of shots of some sweet family time with Mommy and Daddy, Bella and Edward spending a quality couple moment in a beautiful blooming field (where else?), the little vampire-ette bonding with Uncle Jacob.

Of course, there are also plenty of shots of Jacob’s hard nipples, because the saga just wouldn’t be the same without those things.

There’s also a nice close-up of Bella’s wedding ring, which is pretty much bling personified and proves just how well-off the Cullens really are after centuries of playing the stock market.

In addition, there are a couple photos of the Volturi, or just vampires looking worried and tense in general, which hint at the dramatics the film will deliver.

With the movie coming up (gasp!) pretty shortly, the new photos are sure to get Twihards into a tizzy, without giving away the new surprise ending of the movie.

Check out the new pictures below or view all the pictures by clicking here.