See the Official Poster for 'Breaking Bad' Season 5

Breaking Bad Season 5 Poster With the season 5 premiere of "Breaking Bad" only about six weeks away (it premieres on July 15, if you're wondering), it's time to start hyping. And by "hyping," I mean peeing your pants in excitement.

AMC's latest offering to hype the fifth season is this first official poster. I know what you're thinking, posters are no substitute for a trailer, but as they say a picture's worth a thousand words... or in this case, probably a few mil and many, many pounds of meth.

The poster features Walt (Bryan Cranston) in his chem suit, seated on a folding chair in an abandoned warehouse. There's nothing particularly classy about all that, but the huge bins of meth and piles of money around Walt tell us that thing's are a little better (or worse) than they look.

That answers one big question for this season: with the laundry lab gone and Skylar noting that the car wash is actually doing decent business, we had to wonder if Walt was going to jump right back into cooking. Well, we had to wonder briefly. Really, was there any doubt that Walt would continue this line of work?

After all, the tagline "All Hail the King" reminds us that Walt finally became "the one who knocks," having taken care of Gus in spectacular fashion.

An interesting note: the official posters for the past seasons have almost all included Jesse (Aaron Paul), but this one does not. Can we infer, then, that the rift between Walt and Jesse will re-open in this season? Is Jesse out of the business?

Check out the full-size poster for "Breaking Bad" season 5 below:

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