Seth MacFarlane Gets Visit From Pissed Charlie Sheen Fans

Seth MacFarlane Gets Visit From Pissed Charlie Sheen Fans Lord only knows what provoked this, but apparently some fans of the Head Warlock In Charge took . . . something the creator of "Family Guy" said or did at some point personally.

Considering MacFarlane's nose for being unapologetically controversial, that "something" could cover a lot of ground.

TMZ reported this afternoon on - praise be, got pictures of! - a visit that "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show" mastermind Seth MacFarlane got from some disgruntled Charlie Sheen fans that left the animator's Beverly Hills abode festively decorated for the next coming of the Great Cornholio.

Sources say that around 11 PM, two teenage boys and one girl (all three, as yet unidentified) snuck onto MacFarlane's property and strung toilet paper across all the property they could. And just for a cherry on top, the youngsters left a Stewie Griffin-adorned sign on the door saying "Winning! TIGER BLOOD!" and "Roast this bitch!"

For his part, MacFarlane's been a sport. He hasn't filed a police report, and in fact tweeted earlier on Tuesday "Actually I got in a brawl with a mummy. I won."

Good on him, but what a pair of morons. Did nobody explain to the little peckerwoods how a "roast" works? That the jabs MacFarlane and others took were all in fun? Or maybe that, just prior to the Emmys, their Lord and Master went on "The Tonight Show" and admitted to Jay Leno that he'd been making an ass of himself?

Actually, most curiously - isn't this a somewhat delayed reaction? "The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen" is already available on Netflix, for goodness sake.

Kids, if you're going to make some trouble, please don't be so amusingly wussy about it. Even Stewie would've flipped these little punks off and smacked 'em around not for making a mess, but just for being so stupid.

Check out pics of the TP job from TMZ:

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