The Simpsons Take on Foodie Culture with 'The Food Wife'

The Simpsons Take on Foodie Culture with 'The Food Wife' This Sunday, The Simpsons are ditching the Kwik-E-Mart and doughnuts for a foodie fling when Marge will become a food blogger in an episode called "The Food Wife."

Executive producer, Matt Selman, who considers the show “a love letter to foodie culture,” says he wanted “to put things in the show that only really hard-core foodies would have any idea what we were talking about.”

For those who can't tell a Krusty Burger from a crostini, even non-foodie fanatics will be able to recognize the stew of celebrity chefs the episode will be locking into animated glory including, Jamie Oliver, Paul Prudhomme, the Swedish Chef, Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain, Godron Ramsay, Julia Child, Guy Fieri, Colonel Sanders, and Wolfgang Puck. Not to mention (like the perfect dessert), everyone should enjoy the ending.

“There's one awesome twist that I'm not gonna give away. I'll just say the Simpsons end up going to a molecular gastronomy restaurant — Homer goes somewhere else — and the thematic convergence between the two is delightful,” Selman told Grub Street in a recent interview, explaining that Homer (a foodie he ain’t) will be sticking to his pizza and steak routine.

You can catch a little appetizer of Homer’s take on foodie culture, here. (His famous Bart-Choke-Hold might come to mind).  Watch the clip: