When Skrillex Met 'Seinfeld': A Love Story

When Skrillex Met 'Seinfeld': A Love Story The two clips below prove two things fairly conclusively: first, beauty always resides within the eys (or also, in this instance, ears) of the beholder; and second, that some people can't extricate themselves from their pop-culture worship long enough to get in on a good joke.

Oh, to be a synapse on the brain of the very first YouTube video producer who clearly heard popular dubstep artist Skrillex while watching "Seinfeld" and immediately thought "Chocolate, meet Peanut Butte!" and deemed them great tastes that go great together. However that thought process ignited, it's apparently become a thing - a thing that's either hilarious synchronicity when timing Kramer's (Michael Richards) epileptic-seizure reactions immaculately with the song veering from catchy electronic beat to screeching distortion, or cultural blasphemy at iconic comedic television doing a forced slam-dance with dissonant electronic music.

In the first clip, Kramer is a-gettin' his groove on digging some Skrillex while driving when the aforementioned sudden squeel apparently short-circuits something like Austin Powers' chest hair does in a Fembot.

And in the second clip, he goes spastically panicky in the background as equivalent hipsters Jerry and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) chat obliviously on the couch.

The real comedy might be in the reactions. As one person lambasted the videos, "I can't believe you. You would ruin one of the best shows ever made with something as terrible as Skrillex. Shame."


"This is f***ing hilarious," said one.

"Skrillex is god," prophesied another.

Richards, on the other hand? Five bucks says he's just happy he's finally being talked about for something else.

Give these two anachronistic pairings some thought, though. We may have just decided how one best describes dubstep: "music about nothing."

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