Music Video Peek Show: Kim Kardashian's Looks

Music Video Peek Show: Kim Kardashian's Looks Having spilled the 411 on the secretive style in her music video, newbie singer Kim Kardashian can’t keep her mouth shut - and from the looks of the photos, no one will mind.

“With each look I felt like I was a different character.” Kim tweeted.

When previously spotted with a Bo Derek-inspired get up, Kim had celebrity reporters drawing blanks about her braided hair. No one understood what was going on with her head until Kim published photos from the music video to her site.

According to Kim, video director Hype Williams is the most creative guy she knows. Hype came up with looks that seem to evoke Niki Minaj, like one adding fierce red bangs and highlights to Kim’s dark mane.

Fans might be right to expect one more major surprise: Kanye West was seen near the set, and it’s rumored he makes a cameo.