'SNL' Member Bill Hader Joins 'Men in Black III' as...Andy Warhol?

Time travel in movies is a tough plot element to pull off, especially after "Back to the Future" did it so damn well. But one of the perks of dealing with the logistical issues of time travel in your script is the fun character cameos (Bill and Ted, anyone?).

"Men in Black III" seems fully aware of that fact, as news broke today that "Saturday Night Live" cast member Bill Hader would be playing a certain pop culture icon in the upcoming sequel. In this third installment, Will Smith's Agent Jay must travel back in time to face a new threat along with a young Agent Kay, played by Josh Brolin.

Thus, the production is taking full advantage of the 1969 setting and putting Hader in as Andy Warhol...the picture at left is purportedly a photo of Hader in costume. Given Warhol's sense of style and general demeanor (plus Hader's ability to play weirdos on screen), my guess is that he's an alien. Who wants to place their bets?

Hader is always an excellent addition to a comedy movie: his supporting roles in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Superbad" and "Adventureland" were particularly memorable.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will both be reprising their roles in the third "MiB" film, and will be joined by Emma Thompson and the aforementioned Brolin and Hader. Alec Baldwin was also up for a role at one point, but dropped out of the troubled production.