'Snow White and the Huntsman' Reviews: What Are the Critics Saying?

After the lack of critical (and financial) success for "Mirror Mirror," the people behind "Snow White and the Huntsman" must be feeling a bit of pressure. Sure, it's a much different movie from "Mirror," but "Huntsman" is still, at its core, a Snow White movie, and Universal has to worry about whether it was the story or the character that made audiences go "meh" for "Mirror."

But "Huntsman" could be boosted by positive reviews in addition to the potential star power it brings with Kristen Stewart in the title role. So, what are the critics saying?

As of now, the reviews are nearly divided evenly on Rotten Tomatoes, currently hanging around 50% positive. That's obviously not great, but things get a little better when you see that the top critics look to have been a little kinder thus far. On the positive side, Mary F. Pols of TIME claims that this adaptation "actually breathes new life into an old story." David Edelstein of NYMag makes a similar statement, noting that the new slant on the story is "startlingly enough to carry you along."

Negative reviews, such as those from Todd McCarthy of THR and Owen Gleiberman of EW, claim that the movie is a bit overly long and drags in the middle, citing newbie director Rupert Sanders' lack of experience as a possible root of the pacing problems. Similarly, Peter Travers of Rolling Stone notes that the movie has a "darkness that seeps into your soul," but that Sanders can't quite finish the movie up the say that it starts.

Other critics have noted a problematic issue: Kristen Stewart's Snow White just isn't as interesting a character as others in the movie, just as Charlize Theron's evil queen or Chris Hemsworth's titular huntsman.

It's safe to say that if you're excited about the movie and a fan of Stewart's, you will probably not walk away disappointed with the movie; unfulfilled, perhaps, but not disappointed. If you're on the fence about it, you're probably in the right spot: all the critics seem to be right there with you.

See it if: You always thought Snow White needed a little more "Game of Thrones."