So, Naya Rivera from 'Glee' Pole Danced on TV This One Time [Video]

So, Naya Rivera from 'Glee' Pole Danced on TV This One Time [Video] Here's a fun/horrifying little bit of "before they were famous" embarrassment: Naya Rivera pole dancing on a terrible reality show back in 2007.

Yes, Perez Hilton dug something juicy up for us, and it's a video of Rivera, who plays Santana on "Glee," doing a segment titled "Amateur Pole Dancing" on the Spike TV show "Wide World of Spike." I missed out on this particular program, but it appears to consist of a group of douchebags making dumb comments while girls pole dance. Wikipedia reveals that there was also a "Porn Star Bowling" segment on this episode. Classy.

Interestingly, Rivera's character on "Glee" just learned a life lesson about fame a few weeks ago, when Santana announced that her goal in life was to be famous. To help out, her girlfriend Brittany released a sex tape of the two of them, and set her up to audition for a bunch of trashy reality shows.

Could that storyline have had something to do with Rivera's own career path? It's tempting, as a young actor or actress in Hollywood, to take any opportunity to be on TV, but sometimes taking a few hundred bucks to strip on cable TV isn't the best career choice.

In another weird twist, Perez Hilton just guest starred on "Glee" this week, playing himself as a celebrity judge for Nationals.

Watch the video, courtesy of Perez Hilton, and cringe: