Who's The New Boss On 'House'?

Who's The New Boss On 'House'? Confidentiality can be a killer sometimes.

TVLine Editor-in-Chief and Founder Michael Ausiello has been "sworn to secrecy" protecting the specifics, but he hinted Tuesday that the new Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital on the hit Fox drama "House" can be positively identified from a seven previously appearing characters he listed.

Essentially, Fox let the cat out of the bag - producers just let it out at the same time as six other cats, and TVLine knows which is which but won't say.

According to TVLine, it could be Dr. Jeffrey Cole, played by Edi Gathegi. You might remember that Dr. House bounced him from "Hospital Survivor" because he played ball with Lisa Edelstein's previous Dean Cuddy a little too eagerly. Perhaps a war to settle the score on the horizon.

Then again, they say, it could just as easily be the Joey to House's Chandler, Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard.) Oh, the possibilities if bromance fills the office and clouds the air of professionalism and duty to Wilson's new title - or maybe, vice-versa?

Zombie Jesus, I hope not, but maybe it's Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps)? He and House have almost never gotten along, Foreman briefly took over House's job during the sixth season, but since he's also shown that he's ever ounce as willing to buck the rules as House, he may or may not be trustworthy.

Personally, I've always found his chacter to be an over-defensive, race-baiting prat with a chip on his shoulder who I'd love to see get the unceremonious Kal Penn knock-off treatment before seeing him promoted. Probably just my opinion, though.

The simple fact that Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) has intentionally killed a patient on one occasion when he felt he had cause might make him a theoretical liability as a Dean of Medicine - but wow, what great drama that wild-card could make.

Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobsen) is a grating rule-breaker who can match House on the obnoxious scale any day of the week. Of the candidates who can match House attitude-for-attitude, he's one of the soundest choices.

Then there's Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros). The radiologist is Wilson's ex - possibly, now his boss. Does this need elaboration?

Finally, there's Edward Vogler (Chi McBride). Of the list, I'm picking Vogler or Wilson. Cuddy previously talked the Princeton Plainsboro Board into showing the $100-million-donating new chairman the door, in favor of keeping House. New words would have to be invented to describe how screwed House could be if the new boss is the same as an old boss.