'The Social Network' Got Basic Aspects Wrong Says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg and The Social Network Poster Mark Zuckerburg, CEO and founder of The Social Network giant Facebook explicitly said that there are basic things “The Social Network” movie got wrong about him and the evolution of his company during an interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes.

According to Zuckerburg, it is not true that his whole motivation in creating Facebook was to get girls. The 26- year old billionaire was talking about the scene in the movie suggesting that he came up with the idea of creating facebook while on the verge of being dumped by his girlfriend.

The Facebook founder admitted that the film got all the things the Mark Zuckerburg character was wearing right from t-shirts to sandals but he said,” I mean, there are hugely basic things that they got wrong too. They made it seems like my whole motivation for building Facebook was so I could get girls right? They completely left out the fact that the girlfriend I’ve been dating since before I started Facebook.”

Zuckerburg also admitted that he didn’t like the part the way the movie presented the Winklevoss twins suggesting that he stole their idea and ripped them off.

“It’s hard for me to fully wrap my head around to where they’re coming from on this. They had an idea that’s completely separate from Facebook, it was dating site for Harvard and I agreed to help them. It wasn’t a job, they weren’t paying me or hired by them or anything like that.” said Zuckerburg

“The idea that I would then go for some completely different like Facebook and that they will be upset by this all years later is kinda mind boggling for me.” Added the Facebook creator

Meanwhile, an editor for a high technology website shared her views with 60 Minutes about the Winklevoss lawsuit and said that she doesn’t feel sorry for the twins because they were paid $65 million by Zuckerburg for an idea she said that they may not even make anything out of it.

On the other hand, there is one thing that made Zuckerburg enthusiastic about the film “Social Network”. He revealed that he received tons of messages from Facebook users saying that they are motivated after seeing the movie. Zuckerburg said he liked that part when people get inspired.

Zuckerburg introduced the new Facebook Profile Page on 60 minutes.