Charged Sony Music Hackers May Have Stolen Unreleased Michael Jackson Tracks

British authorities have charged two individuals who reportedly hacked Sony Music's computers and stolen music allegedly including multiple unreleased Michael Jackson tracks, reports Yahoo! OMG! via the Associated Press.

The actual breach occured last May, according to Sony Music Entertainment representative Liz Young, after which Sony immediately took steps further securing its servers and bring authorities up to speed. Young added that the breach didn't compromise clients' personal or financial information as did the company's disastrous April 2011 PlayStation network and Sony Online Entertainment breaches.

Sony representatives didn't directly address how much music the pair nicked nor whose music was compromised, but a source reportedly with knowledge of the situation claimed Monday that the pair targeted Jackson's catalogue. Following Jackson's 2009 death, Sony signed a seven-year deal with the entertainer's estate worth $250 million to sell Jackson's unreleased recordings.

James Marks, 26, and James McCormick, 25, appeared in northern England's Leicester Crown Court Friday and pleaded not guilty to computer misuse and copyright offenses. They're now free on bail and will stand trial sometime in January 2013.

The Associated Press report takes care to note that neither Anonymous nor Lulz Security - both prolific, skilled and notorious hacker factions - have been considered parties to the network breach. Following the spring 2011 SOE and PSN breaches, Lulz Security publicly and proudly claimed responsibility.