Sources Say Nicki Minaj Now Officially an 'American Idol' Judge

Sources Say Nicki Minaj Now Officially an 'American Idol' Judge It was only a couple of days ago when things weren't looking so good for Nicki Minaj's prospects as an "American Idol" judge. It wasn't because of a lack of enthusiasm on Minaj's part, or a lack of proper payment on the part of "Idol," either: rather, it was a soft drink issue, as Minaj just signed a sponsorship deal with Pepsi, and Coca-Cola is plastered all over "Idol."

It looks as though the two competing colas have set aside their differences, though, as sources are now reporting that Minaj is committed to joining the judges' table for "American Idol" season twelve. That's according to Us Weekly, who is claiming that sources report Minaj to be "100% confirmed" to join the show as a judge.

Interestingly, Minaj was approached about the job earlier in the year, but turned it down. It would seem that the landscape of reality show judging has changed so much since then that Minaj is reconsidering the position. We can probably thank Britney Spears and "The X Factor" for that.

If it turns out that Minaj is indeed signed on with the show, she will be joining Mariah Carey at the judges' table. That fills the pop/R&B diva and pop/hip-hop quotient, leaving either one or two more spots open, depending on whether the show opts for four judges or three. Other options discussed include the young white boy market (Nick Jonas and Adam Lambert are possibilities), the country star market (Keith Urban), the hip-hop producer market (Pharrell, Diddy), and the Latin heartthrob market (Enrique Iglesias).

What do you think of the choice to include Nicki Minaj? Good idea/bad idea?

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