Spike TV...Not Just For Guys?

Spike TV...Not Just For Guys? If anything, you could always say that Spike TV was a channel that knew what it was and what it had to offer. That might not be the case anymore, as the channel specifically catered toward "guys" aged 18 to 34 wants to expand its audience...and that includes getting women to watch.

It will be a tough transition from Spike's current programming to that which a female audience would want to watch. I mean, they air an awards show called "The Guy's Choice Awards" and rely on Ultimate Fighting Championship matches to draw viewers, so they have a long way to go.

It seems that drawing women is really only a secondary goal to Spike: their main objective is to start offering programming for men, rather than just for guys.

The New York Times quoted executives for the network as saying that the move will shift Spike's tone from Maxim to Esquire, perhaps aiming for a more sophisticated set of men's programs.

Spike has recently offering reality shows like "Auction Hunters," "Coal," and "Repo Games" in addition to their usual fare, shifting toward more original programming and less UFC and movies where lots of stuff blows up. There are no specific plans on how to get a female audience more involved...reality shows about coal miners doesn't sound like the kind of stuff that will work.

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