Stephen Colbert, Theater Owners Fight Against NYC Soda Ban

Stephen Colbert, Theater Owners Fight Against NYC Soda Ban Movies and concessions go together like... well, like popcorn and butter. What point is there to sitting in a theater for two hours and watching "Battleship" if you can't sufficiently punish yourself by consuming a small silo of popcorn and a plastic cup of soda so large it could fit the contents of the Puget Sound?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City doesn't seem to care about the theatergoing tradition of massive beverages, though, as he has proposed a citywide ban of all soda or other sweetened drinks (he's looking at you, pink lemonade) that are larger than 16 ounces.

Already that puts McDonalds and 7-11 in a strange place, as both offer 32 ounce beverages and would be subject to changing that. But movie theater owners are in a real tizzy, considering the massive sodas they tend to sell (not to mention the pricing scheme that has a 64-ouncer at only 25 cents more than a thimble).

And, since the proposal is meant to help fight obeisity, theater owners argue that they should be exempt, seeing as families don't frequent the theater often enough to cause significant health problems through large sodas.

Whether or not that's fair, Stephen Colbert is furious about the whole thing. On last night's episode of "The Colbert Report," the TV host railed against the ban, and had to take drastic measures with his giant pet beverage named Drinky.

Watch Colbert's take on Bloomberg's proposal in the video below:

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