Steve Buscemi Tells 'SNL' Viewers How To Flourish In The Shadows

Steve Buscemi Tells 'SNL' Viewers How To Flourish In The Shadows One might call Steve Buscemi a real "actor's" actor.

His Emmy-winning turn on "Boardwalk Empire" aside, he's rarely given a starring role, but manages to be memorable in anciliary parts or managing to oddly stand out while remaining an equal part of an ensemble cast. As Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs," his character didn't even merit a neat little backstory side-track like others.

He ends up, in all likelihood, dead at the end. In "Desperado," he's a bit player with less screen-time than some people who were little more than extras, but he colorfully introduces the tale of "El Mariachi" from the get-go.

Once more . . . he ends up gunned down ultimately.

But for somebody who's ever the bridesmaid, people who watch movies ultimately recognize him, usually fondly. He's "that guy who was in that one movie." And that fact has gotten him quite a bit of work, including starring in 2010 in one of HBO's break-out new series.

So, take his advice this past weekend, delivered from the vaunted "Saturday Night Live" stage - that's right, Mr. Pink has now hosted "Saturday Night Live," for a second time. There's a road less traveled to a long, successful Hollywood career: do the little things well.

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