A Sexed-Up April in Store for TLC

A Sexed-Up April in Store for TLC TLC will be give viewers a sexual education of sorts when “Strange Sex” returns for a second session on April 3.

The series examines mysterious sexual conditions, fetishes and the science behind sexual attraction. “Strange Sex” shares the stories of individuals who break their silence about the embarrassment and frustration they face while living with their sexual conditions.

The second season will take another look at previous stories such as Samira and Firas, a Muslim couple who decided to wait until their wedding night to consummate their marriage, only to realize it is impossible for them to have sex due to a strange condition.

New individuals like Ron will be introduced. Ron is a suburban husband who once enjoyed sex, but now finds it impossible to climax. Ron turns to science for a solution and chance to regain his once robust sex life.

Another individual introduced, Kelly, was born with two vaginas. On the show, Kelly must come to terms with the possibility of never having children.

In addition, TLC will add another sexplicit program to its lineup, the hour-long documentary “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

As the press release states, “the special takes a fresh, raw, and confronting look at attitudes towards sex and sexuality among America’s youth, as well as the differences between Europe and America when it comes to adolescent sexuality.”

“Let’s Talk About Sex” airs on April 9. It shares revealing interviews and statistics - like the fact that every day: 10,000 young Americans catch an STD; 2,400 young girls get pregnant; and 55 young people are infected with HIV - to paint “a picture of American youth navigating the minefield of living in a sexualized culture.”

BONUS blast from the past: Here's an old peek at a "Strange Sex" episode sharing the story of Chris and his Balloon Fetish. Little known fact - balloon fetishists are called "looners."

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