Super Bowl Commercial Preview: Dogs Barking 'Star Wars'

Super Bowl Commercial Preview: Dogs Barking 'Star Wars' There are some of us who watch the Super Bowl because we care about the game, and there are some of us who watch for the ads. If you're one of the latter, here's a little preview for you.

Volkswagen emerged victorious after last year's "The Force" ad, also known as "Little Vader," became one of the most talked-about Super Bowl Ads from 2010. Now, VW has their follow-up, and yes, it's still cute and "Star Wars" themed.

This time, the car company has a chorus of dogs barking "The Imperial March," the theme used whenever the bad guys are around (the theme was also used in the "Little Vader" ad). It starts as a chaotic mess of dogs barking in a room together, but then aligns into a perfectly orchestrated rendition of the song. How? Magic, probably. Or a lot of dog treats (or some fancy editing, fine).

Highlights include the Chewbacca dog and the AT-AT walker dog at the end. Oh, and the punny title "The Bark Side" is pretty good, too.

VW has promised that there will be more to the ad during the actual Super Bowl, so watch the game for an extended version. In the meantime, check out the already pretty long preview below:

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