'Survivor' Returns with More Content, Redemptions and Rivals

'Survivor' Returns with More Content, Redemptions and Rivals If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring three items with you, a cell phone might rank among your first picks.

Which why it seems only fitting that the first exclusive sponsor of “Survivor” will be wireless provider and long time sponsorship partner, Sprint.

The sole sponsorship allows for additional minutes of show content in the premiere episode.

Additionally, the show will feature four “What If? Moment” vignettes that highlight tactical game play from a former survivor and reflect on how having a second chance might have changed their situation.

The vignettes are a play on this season’s Redemption twist. For the first time, every eliminated castaway will get a second chance to make it to the finale. Once voted off, the exiled member goes to a remote island and waits for the next voted off castmate.

Then the two duel for the chance to stay and fight subsequent challenges against each contestant voted off during the following Tribal Councils.

The Premiere of “Survivor: Redemption Island” hits televisions Wednesday, Feb. 16.

Former castaways “Boston” Rob and Russell return this season for another chance to compete for the one million dollar prize. The two show icons last saw each other in a confrontation on Heroes vs. Villains when Rob told Russell he would gladly take him on, anytime, anywhere.

“Let’s go in the back room and settle this,” Rob later told cameras.

The two will be joined by 16 other castaways and possible allies, whom include NFL players, Beauty Pageant Queens, an Iraq war veteran and a cheerleader.