'Survivor: South Pacific' Crowns a Winner

'Survivor: South Pacific' Crowns a Winner In the end, it all came down to returning contestant Coach Ben Wade, 26-year old baseball coach Albert Destrade, and 22-year-old med student Sophie Clarke last night for the crown of championship Survivor in "Survivor: South Pacific."

So who went home with $1 million?

The only remaining young woman, Sophie Clarke, made her way into the final competition by winning multiple immunity challenges and found herself ultimately in the final round with three-time "Survivor" contestant Ben Wade.

While Wade picked up three votes from the jury of nine returning players, the much younger Clarke managed to pull out a victory by scoring 6 votes - taking home the championship and $1 million..

"I had a feeling, but you never know," Clarke said in the reunion special after the big finale. "I think I had my finger on the pulse of the game the whole time."

Though Clarke considers herself agnostic, she believes she was helped by her tribe's Tebow-esque "prayer-a-palooza" earlier in the season.

"God was on my side this season," she told E!

"I'm not that religious but you're supposed to [pray] to give you strength, right? [Instead] they were praying for, like, 'Give me the idol and make me win.' God doesn't give a crap. God's watching X Factor or something. Strategically…I'd want God on my tribe every time if this is the outcome."

Audience favorite Ozzy "Ozzsome" Lusth didn't make it to the end, being ousted during the final physical competition by the much younger Clarke, but received one hell of a consolation prize when he was named the Sprint Player of the Season and awarded $100,000.

Unlike fans of shows like "Mad Men," who are subjected to a Sahara Desert's worth of time between seasons, "Survivor" fans won't have to wait long for yet another season. Host Jeff Probst announced last night that the brand new "Survivor: One World" is set to premiere this upcoming February.

Did the right contestant win in this season of "Survivor"? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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