Swarms of Dancing Hobbits! A Boatful of Dwarves! Behind the Scenes of 'The Hobbit' (Video)

One of the great gifts from the filmmaking community this year has been the fantastic, relatively up-to-the-minute behind-the-scenes videos Peter Jackson and "The Hobbit" production team have put together documenting the production of their latest epic.

And they've decided to save the best so far for the end of the year.

Jackson recently posted on "The Hobbit" Facebook page a behind-the-scenes video of some of the latest rounds of filming, which has taken the cast and crew out from the comfort of their studios and out into the field, covering the breadth and depth of New Zealand in the process.

Jackson fought long and hard to keep filming of "The Hobbit" in New Zealand, and in these videos, you can see why. Not only is the spirit and the camraderie of the cast and crew seemingly way different (in a good way) from a typical Hollywood production, but the terrain they cover is truly breathtaking - particularly when you see if filled with literally wonderful warring little people.

The real highlight of this video, though, is the truly surreal footage of Elijah Wood dressed as Frodo, waxing poetic about his years working amongst the beauty of Hobbiton.

Whether you're a "Lord of the Rings" geek, or just interested in filmmaking, this video's a must-see: