Syfy Finds Untapped Monster Market in Canadian Series 'Lost Girl'

Syfy Finds Untapped Monster Market in Canadian Series 'Lost Girl' For a long time, I thought Matt Stone and Trey Parker made up the succubus when they had Chef marry one.

But it turns out the concept - a demon who seduces men and feeds off sexual energy - has been around for centuries. And like all creatures that we theoretically should hate, the succubus has its own television show!

Don't worry if you've never heard of it; it's Canadian. In the show, Bo (played by Anna Silk), a girl who believes herself to be normal until she kills her boyfriend while fooling around with him, hits the road to "find herself." Turns out "herself" is part of a larger group of succubi. So large is this group that they've already split into light and dark factions long before Bo came along, and now she has to decide between the two.

Hmmm...I wonder which she'll pick?

Also, it seems like fantasy creatures are splitting into light and dark factions with alarming frequency, as though the only thing monsters are concerned about is either getting along with humans or destroying them. Aren't there apolitical monsters who just want to play Xbox or maybe start a career as a baker?

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly reports that, shockingly enough, Syfy believes this show will work out just dandy with their demographic, who will likely watch any show featuring a super hot demon (sure, let's all just ignore the part where her touch will kill you; whatever, she's hot!).

I really do wonder how they'll get around that whole thing where her survival depends on seducing men and killing them. Or maybe this is a revisionist version that's just as happy with a cheeseburger.

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