Hey Chef - Your Lobster's on Fire! Syfy Serves Up Hi-Tech Foodie Show

Hey Chef - Your Lobster's on Fire! Syfy Serves Up Hi-Tech Foodie Show Flaming prawns and flying pizzas will be leaping onto TV screens when Syfy debuts its new hi-tech cooking series, “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen.”

On March 22, Chef Marcel Vigneron, the Top Chef All-Star, will be serving up spectacular confections and unveiling the future of food in the show that follows his new catering company.

Vigneron was the runner-up on the second season of Top Chef, coming in second behind Ian Hall. Chef Vigneron is known primarily for his bold style of molecular gastronomy.

He has been one of the most divisive figures on the Top Chef series, drawing praise for his innovative techniques and criticism for poor people skills in equal measure.

In each one-hour episode of his latest show, Marcel will dream up mind-blowing menus for various clients and celebrations.

Viewers will watch the always inspired chef cook up wacky creations like a cube of watermelon that looks, smells, and tastes like tuna and a rice tablet that billows smoke from the diner’s mouth when eaten.

Marcel, who believes his culinary work is not a job but a lifestyle, teams up with an entourage of creative colleagues like mixologist and chef Devon Espinosa, cook and artist Jarrid Masse, and assistant chef and caterer Robyn Wilson.

In their first attempts at pushing the plate to new extremes, the team create an elaborate safari-themed menu for a philanthropist and the Wildlife Waystation.

In honor of the exotic animal sanctuary, the menu included an edible map and a “Himalyan Tiger’s Breath” made with liquid nitrogen. Marcel bumps heads with the event planner, but as previews promise, the passion in preparation will make for a truly magical event.

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