Taylor Armstrong to Talk With 'Entertainment Tonight' About Alleged Abuse

Taylor Armstrong to Talk With 'Entertainment Tonight' About Alleged Abuse For her first public interview following her husband Russell's controversial death last month, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member Taylor Armstrong may have called an apparent audible.

Though previously rumored to be in talks with Barbara Walters for a primetime sit-down, "Entertainment Tonight" now reports that Taylor Armstrong will sit down with Nancy O'Dell for an interview airing Sept. 20 and dealing with the alleged abuse she suffered at Russell Armstrong's hand before his death.

Taylor has previously been a domestic violence-victims' advocate through the 1736 Family Crisis Center.

A "source" tells ET that Russell struck her so hard days after her July 5 Lasik eye surgery, that the blow dislocated her corneal flap.

Pictures have surfaced documenting bruises that an attacking Armstrong allegedly caused. Taylor avoided cameras for the remainder of July, and made her next public appearance Aug. 1 to promote the next "Real Housewives" season.

The month since Russell's Aug. 15 death by what the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has ruled a self-inflicted hanging have been controversial. Bravo has re-edited much of this "Real Housewives" season to delete footage of Russell and Taylor.

The season premiere featured cast members discussing Russell and his relationship with Taylor, with Bravo airing multiple suicide-prevention PSAs throughout the episode.

The following morning, cast members appearead on "NBC's The Today Show" and said that the pressures of the show were not a factor in the deterioration of the Armstrongs' relationship. Taylor said during filming that she and Russell, in order to possibly save their marriage, were immersed in "so much psycho-therapy, (she was) sick of (herself)."

Also on a personal level, Armstrong has been rumored to be in serious financial straits since Russell, once a successful investor, took his own life. Furthermore, family of Russell including Taylor have been rumored to be launching their own inquiry through a private investigator into whether or not Russell's death might have been a murder by people to whom he owned money.

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