Taylor Momsen Did What!? Former 'Gossip Girl' Star Gives Female Fan Lap Dance

Taylor Momsen Did What!? Former 'Gossip Girl' Star Gives Female Fan Lap Dance Oh Taylor Momsen, what will you do next? Ever since the former "Gossip Girl" starlet abandoned her 'good girl' image to embrace the rock and roll lifestyle, Momsen's behavior has become increasingly erratic.

Playing with her band The Pretty Reckless in Barcelona on Wednesday night, the 17-year-old got frisky with a female concert-goer, giving an impromptu lap dance. This was only part of the raunchy behavior that occurred at the show in the city's Razzmatazz club, according to the UK's Daily Mail.

Young female fans danced on stage with each other and Momsen, most clad in only their bras. Momsen wasn't wearing much more, sporting a large t-shirt that covered almost none of her mile-long legs. At one point in the show Momsen stood up to continue singing only to be groped by another fan. Momsen, of course, didn't seem to mind.

This isn't the only concert-related controversy the former Little J has left in her wake. Last month she came under fire when she took to the stage at the Download festival in a see-through top with only well-placed pieces of duct tape as coverage.

Earlier this year she was booed in Scotland after referring to the crowd at her Glasglow concert as "the craziest crowd in all of England". Looks like pants aren't the only thing she needs; seems she could do with an atlas as well.

Momsen has been touring with her band all summer since the announcement she would no longer be a cast member of "Gossip Girl", the show to which she owes her fame. The show recently cut both her social-climbing character Jenny Humphrey and Jessica Szhor's nosy Vanessa Abrams. Even before the official pink slip, Momsen's Jenny had been a relative non-entity on the show's fourth season. In fact she showed up for a grand total of four episodes despite being a cast regular.

Momsen has been a lighting-rod of controversy for the contrast between her youth and overly-sexualized image. She started her run on "Gossip Girl" a fresh-faced ingenue and ended it with a look that can best be described as Courtney Love meets "Corpse Bride."

What do you think of her latest antics?

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