Will Taylor Swift Become a Kennedy?

Well she finally did it.

Well done, Taylor. Well done. Slow clap for you!

Innocently cute Taylor Swift has tangled romantically with (and written scathing songs about) an impressive assortment of gentleman including Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, and John Mayer.

But  it seems Taylor has finally settled down with someone of her well-polished white-toothed caliber.

The perky blonde singer is reportedly in a relationship (aww, heartsies) with none other than Conor Kennedy.

Conor Kennedy, if one needs some background information, is the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mary Kennedy. Thus his last name is an actual, legit tie to the royal-esque Kennedy family, unlike that kid you agreed to go out with a few times in college because you were juuuust kind of hoping.

Kennedy is also 18 to "The Lorax" star's 22, which, although doesn’t quite put her into cougar status yet, makes one wonder if her brief fling with older men has left the pretty young lady limping back to a slightly younger crowd.

Having lost his mother in May to a shocking suicide, pals say Conor Kennedy is finding great comfort in the twiggy blonde's arms.

How does the notorious Kennedy family feel about the teeny-tiny powerhouse’s addition to their garden parties and cheese tastings?

(Note: I have no idea what rich people actually do, but I feel like they nibble tiny food off trays a lot)

Swift already has the go-ahead from one of the familial matriarchs. Conor’s aunt, Rory Kennedy, recently responded to questions about the dreamy-eyed star.

“She’s a great friend of all of ours,” the “Ethel” director announced. And what does the well-off lady think about the possibility of bringing Swift into the 24-karat family for good?

“We should be so lucky.”

Can I picture Swift joining the Kennedy clan? Um, completely. The posh little starlet seems designed to wear cardigans and properly-lengthed skirts while sailing with good wine and purebred lapdogs.

And if the (sort of adorable) romance doesn’t work out?

Guaranteed, Swift will walk away with some kind of shiny award, and Conor Kennedy will be turning off the radio every time the family wants to take the boat for a loop around the harbor, darling*.

So carry on, Taylor Swift. Carry on.

*I feel like rich people also say “darling” a lot.