Teacher Channels 'Bridesmaids,' Slaps Student, Angers NAACP

Here's a quick tip for all you teachers out there: if you're going to try to use a popular movie reference to connect with your kids, choose one that doesn't include physical violence.

Case in point: Malibu High School teacher Jennifer Gonzalez wanted to inspire a student to (presumably) get her life in order, so she decided the best approach would be to reference "Bridesmaids." Unfortunately, the scene in which Annie (Kristen Wiig) gets her life in order starts with Megan (Melissa McCarthy) slapping Annie repeatedly until she fights back.

It's easy to see how this would be a terrible idea for a teacher, but Gonzales nonetheless brought freshman student Dionne Evans to the front of the class after Evans forgot to bring her notebook to class. Gonzales allegedly then asked "Have you seen 'Bridesmaids?'" and then slapped Evans repeatedly, much like McCarthy did in the movie.

It's bad enough when a teacher hits a student, but Evans also happens to be black, giving the incident a racial charge. Now, in addition to being in trouble with her school (and Evans' parents, of course), Gonzales is also having to answer to the NAACP, which is calling for her resignation.

Gonzales issued an apology by letter: "Even though I thought my intentions were honorable, they did not come out that way and for that I am so very sorry." Somehow I don't think that's going to cut it. Maybe bake Evans a carrot-shaped cake that says "I'm Sorry" on it?