'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap - 'Within'

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap - 'Within' For the penultimate episode in the first season of one of the most expensive television shows in history, there sure wasn't a whole lot that happened this week.

Then again, next week is a two-part finale, so maybe this is isn't technically the penultimate episode. What's the penultimate of the penultimate called? The pencilultimate? Ha! I'll be here all week, folks. Wait, where are you going?

"Within" was a slow-played episode that paid off in the end with at least a little bit of excitement. But before that, we saw Jim and Taylor stumble through their investigation to catch the Sixer spy for another week.

Jim questioned Sky and she gave a reasonable alibi: she was playing chess with Josh. Jim makes his suspecting face, the one that he makes when he's suspecting something. When Jim asks Josh to back that up, Josh does because Sky asked him to. Despite these two reasonably believable responses, Jim makes his suspecting face again.

Maybe he's being so suspicious because Sky is a chess prodigy out of nowhere. Was this a plot point earlier? I vaguely remember her playing chess with Taylor before, but there's no indication she does it in her spare time at all. But oh, the thinly veiled metaphor it presents later when Jim and Taylor see through her lies, and Taylor announces a special supply convoy right in front of Sky: "Your move," he says, so pregnant with double-meaning that he could well be into his third trimester.

Sky doesn't report that one, but she does end up doing some extra errands for Lucas, who has gone from slightly crazy bad guy to all-out creepy and kinda rapey bad guy. He sniffs Sky's hair and calls her by her childhood nickname just so we all know how bad he is. Although, the psychology of a crazy guy who lost his mother and hates his father might bring up that kind of behavior, maybe?

So Sky plugs his formulas into The Eye (ah, so it was important kinda sorta that we saw that earlier!) and brings it back to him so that he doesn't throw her mother off the tree. But when she learns about his horrible plan to bring some hired army through and burn down Terra Nova, Sky has finally had enough. She runs to Taylor and Jim and confesses, warning them of the coming attack.

Taylor and Jim encounter Lucas at the portal, and see how his magical purple box can control the portal, putting him through it and also allowing him to use it to knock out a platoon of those entirely worthless Terra Nova security forces. So it looks like next week Lucas will be back with an army to take Terra Nova down.

But other things turned out okay: Sky's mother was brought back by Curran, and Elisabeth managed to synthesize a cure (more on that below). Josh actually got punished for once for aiding and abetting a criminal (though still only through a good old fashioned grounding), and Maddie got a new core for her iPad, because apparently we needed that C story this week.

I've said this before (I think, or maybe I just angrily thought it), but I'll say it again: there's a good show in here somewhere. There's a show about the absolute power of one man over an entire colony and the balance between personal freedoms and security from outside threats. But sadly Taylor often takes a back seat to the other petty occurrences in Terra Nova, and that potentially interesting story goes by the wayside. The moment when Taylor gives Curran another chance in his society passes by almost unnoticed. Shame.

This week's Ridiculous Technology Roundup:

-Those tablets that seemingly everybody uses are powered by expensive cores? Should they be using these in Terra Nova at all? And when Taylor told them he's seen them all weather harsh conditions, which conditions was he referring to? These people have tons of technology, plumbing, electricity, and all the food they need.

-Elisabeth is able to identify and synthesize a cure for Sky's mother, but nobody anywhere was able to figure out a cure in the first place? How did the Sixers know?

-Jim and Taylor can't shoot at Lucas because it will create a big portal explosion. Convenient. Also, and I've said this before, maybe it's time for some REAL BULLETS.

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