'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap - 'What Remains'

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap - 'What Remains' Another episode of "Terra Nova," another episodic storyline that doesn't answer any of the questions that the pilot raised. Who do these guys think they are? "Lost?" What's that? Oh, they do? Well then. That makes a lot of sense.

A new intro to the show recaps the premise which, when it's summed up like that, does sound rather silly, doesn't it? They just happened to find a portal to a prehistoric past.

Well, apparently we're supposed to just accept stuff like that with "Terra Nova." Like in this episode, when one of the outposts goes silent and Taylor, who thinks it's just a technical problem, goes out there himself to check it out. I don't think that's how the chain of command works. Anyway, he brings Elizabeth along, and pretty soon they discover that the people who were at the base were infected with a pathogen that makes them lose their memories.

Later we learn that it was brought about by one of the scientists attempting to genetically modify something or other for a cure for Alzheimer's, and that somehow created a pathogen that... okay, you know what? I'm just going to roll with this.

So then Jim learns that Elizabeth is in trouble and he gets Malcolm to hop in his rover and take him to the outpost. Malcolm is smart enough to take a respirator along, then dumb enough to take it off to show Elizabeth his face. This is the chief science officer? Mr. I-Know-There's-a-Pathogen-But-I-Took-My-Mask-Off?

Predictably, he starts flashing back to the past and losing his memory. Unpredictably, Jim doesn't. We, the audience, can see from the moment he reveals that he's feeling just fine and dandy that it's because he has a cold. And then we, the audience, wonder what the hell kind of a difference that would make. You can be sick with two things at the same time. It's not like when you get a cold, all of a sudden you're immune to Alzheimer's. I mean--

Okay. I'm rolling with it.

I will say this: it seems that the purpose of this entire exercise was to delve a little further into Taylor's backstory. See, when Taylor starts losing his memory, he flashes back to the war in Somalia and goes all commando on Terra Nova, breaking back into the base and taking poor Reynolds (who is already in a bad position having to date the uber-annoying Maddy) hostage.

But when Wash informs Taylor where and when he is and that his wife is dead, Taylor nearly slices his own throat. And that, friends, is the first shocking, daring and honest moment I've seen from this sticky-sweet show thus far. That's how devastated Taylor is over the loss of his family. That's the baggage he carries around every day. There's a part of him that would rather be dead. Now that's an interesting character.

Luckily, Elizabeth finally figures out what we've known for the last half hour: it's the cold, stupid. Jim heals her with a kiss, and presumably does the same to Taylor and Malcolm. Okay, he probably doesn't kiss them. But it's be great if he did.

And finally, at the very end of the episode, we get a moment with the Sixers and the bar owner that hired Josh in exchange for bringing his girlfriend that he already pretty much forgot about through. They have some evil plot to use Josh to get to Jim. Whatever. The important thing here for me is that they mentioned that they can, in fact, communicate with the future on occasion. That was bugging me. Well, it still does, because it's a one-way portal so how can they communicate back through it? Doesn't make any sen--

Sorry. Rolling with it.