'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap - 'Vs.'

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap - 'Vs.' FINALLY. It only took eight episodes, but we finally got a few answers as to what's going on here. Why is Taylor acting all shady, what's going on with his son, what's with those markings on the rocks, and what's the big secret behind Terra Nova? All were answered, more or less, in this episode.

Apparently all of these answers come as a package deal, which I guess is why we had to wait so long for them. Sadly, in the meantime, we were left with seven or so episodes of a show with no clear antagonist besides the Sixers, who thus far have been without a clear motivation for being so antagonizing.

Here's how we get there: the rehearsal for the Harvest Festival play (yes, they actually tried to make this a Thanksgiving episode) is interrupted by a giant dragonfly that has a microchip attached to its leg. Malcolm figures out that it has been traveling back and forth between Mira and her spy in Terra Nova by following a certain frequency emitter.

The source of the sonic emissions ends up being the Shannon home, which leads Taylor to arrest Jim. But that's not before Jim gets some information out of a drugged Boylan about a body buried in the woods, put there by Taylor.

So when Jim and Taylor end up in the interrogation room (sponsored by Tron, judging by the decor), the questions are more about Taylor murdering his former commanding officer, Philbrick, than about Jim's apparent betrayal.

So, Taylor relates the story: there he was with his son Lucas, chillin' in Terra Nova, when he found out that Lucas was there to try to find a way to make the portal go in reverse. The reason for this was so that the jerks over there in 2149 would be able to strip Terra Nova of all its resources and send them back through the portal.

Taylor, who apparently is something of an environmentalist, didn't like that idea, so he destroyed all of Lucas' work. The 2149 folks then send Philbrick through to force Taylor to step down, so Taylor kills him. Lucas ends up banished, which is why the markings are on the rocks... those are his continued calculations.

So, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the fact that this show finally caved and gave us some information, rather than giving us killer dino-birds and other forced catastrophes in order to distract us from the fact that they introduced elements in the pilot that had largely been ignored for more than two months.

Here's this week's Ridiculous Technology Roundup:

-Malcolm is completely unable to fix the broken microchip, but he can surgically repair a dragonfly's wings.

-The world's best scientists can't figure out the portal with all of their technology, but Lucas can do it with some rocks.