'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 9 Recap - 'Now You See Me'

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 9 Recap - 'Now You See Me' This week on "Terra Nova," the villain that you don't see as any kind of threat teams up with the hero that should be the main character on the show!

Yes, "Terra Nova" jumped straight into the "X-Men 2" strategy of teaming up the villain with the hero this week, even though Mira has had insultingly little screen time so far this season.

It all starts when Taylor goes OTG (outside the gate, for those not up on the lingo) to check up on his son's equations on the rocks.

While he's there, Taylor is jumped by Mira, who ties Taylor up and starts bringing him back to the Sixers' Endor-like treehouses. But Taylor breaks free and turns the tables, attempting to bring Mira back to base. Then the tables are turned on both of them as a couple of Slashers attack them, causing them to lose their guns and fend for themselves overnight as a team.

It doesn't do much to deepen the rivalry in a show that's already lacking in a bad guy to root against, but it does explain the actions of Mira and the Sixers. They were sent there to take Taylor down and help Lucas along, and Mira was expecting to be back in 2149 with her daughter in a matter of weeks. Plans change, I suppose.

So the two commiserate over their estranged offspring, and find out that maybe they have more in common than they thought. They stopped just short of having a little make-out session by the fire.

Back at the base, Jim is commander for the day, which means everyone (especially Reynolds) gets to deal with his snarky attitude and watch him clench his jaw pensively and stand heroically in doorways. He does manage to spot the very obvious communication between the Sixers and their spy, though, and he and Reynolds bust in to find an empty house. But they do recover a droplet of blood that belongs to the spy, thanks to Jim's steady hands and quick shushing of Reynolds, for some reason ("Shhh! You'll scare the blood!").

The spy, as it turns out, is Sky. A twist! The plot thickens! That explains why Sky, who has had maybe two scenes over the last three weeks, was all of a sudden in the opening of this episode.

We're reminded that Sky's parents are gone, and introduced (reminded? I don't remember hearing about this. Then again, I fall asleep when Sky and Josh talk) to the fact that it was an incurable fever that took them. Later we learn that Sky's mother is still alive three years later, and still has the fever, for which the Sixers have the cure. Not much of a fever if it hasn't killed her three years later. What's the rush?

So, Jim and Elizabeth attempt to use their fancy DNA scanner to figure out who the culprit is, but Sky uses her access to the medical lab to destroy the samples. Jim still manages to get a list of 47 women with access to the lab, so he at least has a start. Futurecop detective time!

Oh, and Zoe had to let her pet dinosaur go, which nobody could possibly care any less about.

Here's this week's Ridiculous Technology Roundup:

-So they have a DNA scanner that can read the DNA off of an envelope that was licked about five years ago (the one that Maddie had) but this one can't read a drop of blood that's been diluted by water? Or rather, it can, but it takes 24 hours to process it?

-At some point, they should think about getting guns that shoot bullets or grenades or flaming pellets or something, because those sonic guns do approximately jack all to the dinosaurs. Seriously, fire arrows and javelins do more to these things than the sonic guns do. Also, FLAMIN' DINOS!

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