Will There Be a 'Dark Knight Rises' Sequel? Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doesn't Think So

When "The Dark Knight Rises" hit theaters and we saw how the movie ended, we naturally had a few questions. We covered pretty much all of them in "Did 'The Dark Knight Rises' Set Itself Up For a Reboot?" and ended up with an answer to that question: yes it did, but it's probably not going to happen.

That's a sad thing for Nightwing fans, as having the hero work in the Nolanverse could be really cool. So of course, Josh Horowitz of MTV News asked Joseph-Gordon Levitt if he thought (hope against hope, wish against wish) that there might be sequel with him starring as Batman/Nightwing.

"Honestly, no, we never talked about that," said JGL. Hopes and wishes dashed.

But that's not to say it couldn't still happen: all Levitt said was that there wasn't a discussion of it, and that he doesn't expect it to happen. He doesn't offer any reason why he thinks it never would, and by the sound of things, he's on board. He's excited enough just to have been in the movie in the first place, so starring in a sequel would probably be a dream come true.

Alas, it seems as though in the meantime we'll just have to look at this fake poster of JGL as Nightwing and hope.