This Generation's 'Romeo and Juliet.' Will It Hit Or Miss?

It seems like every generation has to have their own version of “Romeo and Juliet,” though some fall flat and others, like the Baz Lurhmann rendition, become big-time classics.

So how will the newest version rank against its predecessors?

This “Romeo and Juliet” features snub-nosed Hailee Steinfeld and smoky-faced Douglas Booth in the main roles. That’s talent in the mix, there. Steinfeld made a name for herself when she appeared in “True Grit.” The movie earned her an Oscar nomination—not bad for a 14-year old.

While Booth has only appeared in a handful of films, such as Miley Cyrus’ “LOL,” which I’ve yet to see because it’s a movie called “LOL,” he’s definitely got that slick charming appeal of a young, love-struck Romeo going for him.

The cast also features veteran actors Stellan Skarsgård and Damian Lewis, as well as “Gossip Girl” smirker Ed Westwick, so the promise of something good is definitely there.

The also script comes from the very mature brain of “Gosford Park” writer Julian Fellowes, and is overseen by Italian director Carlo Carlei.

It’s got the foundation, but why should we see (yet another) version of the classic Shakespeare love tragedy? Smit-McPhee had an answer.

“I think every kid from this generation should see that once in their life… because it makes you appreciate drama.”

Uh oh. Can we take from that quote that the movie will be geared toward a younger crowd? Or shall we just hope that the actress is speaking in a general sense about trying to bring in new audiences?

Heck, if the movie promises me good acting and a respect for the Bard’s general concept, I’ll see the flick. But if it’s just a handful of pre-teens reciting their lines, I can check that out at the local middle school production down the road, and get to feel tall as a bonus.

So let’s hope the film isn’t just hitting at one target audience, and that it’s a well-rounded script with room for all. Otherwise those of us that grew up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes spouting romance at one another aren’t just sitting in the theater marveling at how time has flown.

What do you think? Will you see the newest adaptation, or will you stick to the old, tried-and-true versions?