'Transformers' Ripoff? Michael Bay Cribs Shot From Bad Michael Bay Movie for Use In Bad Michael Bay Movie

Really, Michael Bay? Really? In the incredulous words of “White Collar” favorite Mozzie, "seriously?"

This surpasses phoned-in. This isn’t even faxed-in. This is e-mailed. Tweeted, even.

But first, let’s congratulate the easily amused man-child on “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” garnering not only reviews that are only marginally better than the last “Transformers” movie but on “Dark Of The Moon” having the third biggest all-time worldwide opening gross.

Thanks, everybody. You just guaranteed a fourth movie.

That being said, observe the below video.

Your favorite ADD-addled director lifted a shot directly from one of his own movies, the equally awful “The Island,” and dumped it straight into “Dark Of The Moon.”

He didn’t re-shoot it. He didn’t copy it. “The Island” didn’t inspire the shot. Copy and paste.

I consider this an admission of guilt: Bay acknowledges with this that he knows so few people saw “The Island,” that nobody would notice.

Watch the video evidence below and let us know, do you feel cheated?