Tom Cruise Vs. Katie Holmes: Deck Stacked Against Katie?

Word only broke Friday morning that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have apparently had enough married bliss, and already, word has leaked that Holmes may face an uphill divorce fight.

Divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler reportedly told HollywoodLife Friday that with Cruise only owing Holmes support for each of the five years they were man and wife, Holmes may take a bath on the settelment unless she opportunistically plays the six-year-old Suri card.

Combined, Ziegler explained, the pair are worth a total $275 million. The pair signed a reported 2006 prenuptial agreement, and Holmes is now entitled to $3 million per year of marriage. Ziegler claims a 10-percent estate share worth $27 million would be better still.

"Katie could get a buyout of her portion from the assets or Tom gives her a payout," Ziegler explained. "Generally speaking, celebrities have a clause for every year they are married. She should probably get 10 percent of the entire estate and that's not unreasonable. Even if she signed the prenup she can say she was forced or it was unfair and try to fight it and she should. She's getting screwed if it's just $3 million per year."

Yes, I understand. I lost whole seconds publishing this report as I dried tears from my keyboard wept over poor Miss Holmes and her $15 milllion. Wah-frickity-wah.

With Cruise laying claim to most of the pair's net worth, Ziegler claims that only child support might make up the "loss" Holmes could take. To do that, Holmes will have to show the court how much nannies, clothes, activities and the like would put Holmes out raising the couple's daughter.

Trouble is, Suri was born out of wedlock. A custody provision could hand Cruise the keys to sole custody of Suri, and force Katie into a battle over child support.

"Katie's position to get full custody could be that Suri is with her all the time and obviously Tom is always working all the time," Ziegler said. "Katie will ask the court to have all decision making power over her."