Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Fringe,' 'Blue Bloods,' 'Supernatural' and More! [Friday 9/23]

Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Fringe,' 'Blue Bloods,' 'Supernatural' and More! [Friday 9/23] A big Thursday night of premieres is behind us, and we saw another round of "The X Factor" along with a ton of comedies over on NBC. But now it's Friday, and it's genre night: get ready for some Supernatural stuff to happen, especially on that one show...what's it called? Oh yeah, "Supernatural."

8:00 PM

A Gifted Man (CBS)

A medical show on a Friday? Don't those belong on Thursdays? Not this one: "A Gifted Man" is a medical show in a sense, as it follows a talented surgeon. But it's also a supernatural show as that same surgeon is visited by the ghost of his dead wife. So there you go: it's a genre show, it's a Friday show.

Nikita (CW)

The ultimate femme fatale is back with another season, and a new night as its former Thursday time slot now belongs to "The Secret Circle." More action! More intrigue! More body suits!

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)

If you didn't get enough Gordon Ramsay from his 50 other reality shows, here's another dose with the 5th season of "Kitchen Nightmares." Things get a little heated in the premiere episode when a restauranteur accuses Ramsay of "planting" a mouse in her kitchen.

9:00 PM


Back for it's 8th season, CSI: NY claims that this will be the season that "changes everything." We're not sure what will be changed, but if you're a Mac fan, he's back. So there's that.

Supernatural (CW)

"In Cass We Fear" is the tagline for this, the seventh season of "Supernatural." Over the years, the show has become a favorite on the CW and a precursor to other supernatural-themed shows like "The Vampire Diaries." Looks like things are getting pretty religion-themed. After all, when you have a character announce that he's God...

Fringe (Fox)

The "Where's Peter Bishop?" campaign has been an intriguing one, and this season (the fourth) of "Fringe" is looking like it's going to be a heck of a lot of fun. Two parallel universes, working together? My mind is blown. The campaign also claims that if you haven't watched, you can pick up here...we're being re-introduced to the characters, so it should be easy to join in on the Fringey fun.

10:00 PM

Blue Bloods (CBS)

Cops. Family drama. Tom Selleck's mustache. "Blue Bloods" has it all, and it's back for its second season. Things might get a bit awkward when Tony Bennett makes a cameo singing at a police event, considering he went on Howard Stern recently and insinuated that America was to blame for inciting 9/11. Oops.