Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Glee,' 'New Girl,' 'Biggest Loser' and More! [Tues 9/20]

Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Glee,' 'New Girl,' 'Biggest Loser' and More! [Tues 9/20] The big premiere week continues! Last night brought us the triumphant return of "How I Met Your Mother," the buzzworthy return of "How I Met Your Mother," and the kinda-lame-but-you-know-you-still-love-it return of "Dancing with the Stars." But that's just Monday. The week is heating up, and one of TV's biggest shows returns tonight.

8:00 PM

Glee (Fox)

It doesn't seem all that long ago that "Glee" left us with a finale that was a bit of a downer. Of course, that capped off a season that was a little underwhelming anyway, so I'm not sure anyone was surprised. But Ryan Murphy et al have promised us that season three will be a return to form: more focus on the core characters, less new pop songs and more re-working of classics. There will be a little bit of casting shuffling as Darren Criss becomes a series regular, Chord Overstreet departs the show, and the finalists of "The Glee Project" make their way into one storyline or another.

Watch a preview of the premiere of "Glee"


One of the network's biggest procedurals returns with high drama: the premiere episode of the season has Tony and Gibbs investigating the death of an NCIS agent, which may be Tony's fault. Oops. Tune in tonight as the crime drama kicks off its 9th season.

The Biggest Loser (NBC)

One of NBC's more successful reality shows return, as a bunch of obese contestants attempt to lose massive amounts of weight. Feel better about yourself when you see how out of shape they are, then feel worse about yourself when you see how hard they work to get in better shape.

This season will be the first without trainer/host Jillian Michaels, who is being replaced with Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince.

9:00 PM

New Girl (Fox)

One of the mostly hotly anticipated new shows of this fall, "New Girl" has received the star treatment from Fox in order to get a boost. Not only are ads everywhere, but the show has a lead-in from "Glee," which any show would love to have. Zooey Deschanel stars as Jess, who moves into a new apartment with three male roommates after getting dumped by her boyfriend.

The pilot episode has been available for free on iTunes for about a week, and it proves that the show is pretty solid. Good writing and some nice performances from some talented actors.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Like its sister show, "NCIS: Los Angeles" is starting off the season with some drama. Seriously, how many NCIS agents can be shot in one week?

9:30 PM

Raising Hope (Fox)

A show that clearly benefited from the "Glee" lead-in last year, "Raising Hope" even managed to rustle up some Emmy love for Martha Plimpton. She lost to Melissa McCarthy (who was a bit of a shocker herself), but still...though "New Girl" now has the prime time slot, this show should be just fine.

10:00 PM

Body of Proof (ABC)

This medical examiner procedural managed to land itself a second season, and it all kicks off as Dana Delany uncovers some dark deeds in a suburban neighborhood. Sounds a little "Desperate Housewives"-ish, doesn't it?

Unforgettable (CBS)

CBS brings another procedural into its lineup with this story of a detective with an impeccable memory. So impeccable, in fact, that she is able to remember every detail of every day, and never forget it. The problem is, there's one day that she can't remember...the day a tragedy befell her family.

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