Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'The Office,' 'The Big Bang Theory' and More! [Thurs 9/22]

Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'The Office,' 'The Big Bang Theory' and More! [Thurs 9/22] Last night was full of drama, with the first episode of "The X Factor" and new "CSI" and "Law and Order: SVU" episodes.

But tonight is Thursday, and that means it's comedy night...NBC is jam-packed on Thursdays with comedies like "The Office," and CBS has one of its own, too.

Of course, there's still plenty of drama to go around as well, with the premiere of "Grey's Anatomy"and J.J. Abrams new "Persons of Interest." Check out trailers and times for tonight's premieres:

8:00 PM

Charlie's Angels (ABC)

This reboot re-imagines the Angels as girls who "aren't saints." Designed to be a more modern take on the classic 1970's show, "Charlie's Angels" now have haunted pasts and are out for redemption. Oh, and the three ladies are young, sexy and hip, and one of them is "Friday Night Lights" alum Minka Kelly. Are you convinced to watch yet? No? Okay, watch this preview:

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

You either love it or you hate it. And if you hate it, you might hate it even more now that Jim Parsons got the Emmy over Steve Carell in Carell's last year on "The Office." Regardless, it's back and the first episode will feature the fallout from last season's finale as well as the return of Christine Baranski as Leonard's mother.

Community (NBC)

If I were some kind of supreme overlord, I would make everyone in the country watch this show. It's funny, it's subversive, it's meta as all hell, and it's a lot of fun. If you're not convinced, watch one of the paintball episodes, or one of the halloween episodes.

This season will feature appearances from John Goodman and Michael K. Williams, aka Omar from "The Wire."

8:30 PM

Parks & Recreation (NBC)

This show, which is one of the best comedies on television, is finally getting some attention with a couple of Emmy nominations this year. That's good news, as the show is quickly become as good as (if not better than) "The Office" was at the top of its game. So, we don't want it cancelled. Seriously.

9:00 PM

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Can you believe it's already been seven seasons? "Grey's Anatomy" is back for an eighth tonight, and it seems as though it's going through cast members as fast as Izzy Stevens went through romantic partners back in the early days. Too soon? Anyway, our title character is having some career issues, so she'll be dealing with that in the two-hour premiere.

Person of Interest (CBS)

When J.J. Abrams teams with Jonathan Nolan (writer of "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises") for a new crime drama, people pay attention. Here's the scoop on the brand-new show: Jim Caviezel plays a former CIA agent who teams up with a billionaire who claims to have a computer program that can predict crimes before they happen. Think of it like "Minority Report," but without that creepy person in the water. You know, Tom Cruise.

The Office (NBC)

All eyes are on "The Office" this season as the show attempts to soldier on without Steve Carell, who departed toward the end of last season. The premiere episode will tackle the problem that Scranton still doesn't have a regional manager, as last season's finale left us with a cliffhanger.

9:30 PM

Whitney (NBC)

Of the two shows that comedian Whitney Cummings has created this fall ("2 Broke Girl" on CBS being the other one), this is the one that actually has Cummings in it. It's also the one that's likely to get cancelled first. Sorry, Whitney. Maybe I'm just being harsh, but you can wath the promo and decide for yourself:

10:00 PM

The Mentalist (CBS)

This procedural with a twist returns for season four, and the titular mentalist Patrick Jane is in some serious trouble. He has apparently shot an unarmed man, and must prove his innocence using his keen abilities of...observation. Bet he wishes he were an actual magician right about now.

Prime Suspect (NBC)

An adaptation of the British show, this version of the crime procedural stars Maria Bello as an unconventional and slightly abrasive detective who, nonetheless, gets the job done. The original starred Helen Mirren, so Bello has some big shoes to fill...tune in tonight to see how she does.

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