Bravo Will Whip Up Another Season of 'Just Desserts'

Bravo Will Whip Up Another Season of 'Just Desserts' “Top Chef Just Desserts,” the decadent spin-off of the Emmy Award-winning “Top Chef,” has been picked up for another season of sweet servings on Bravo.

The search for season two “cheftestants” have been announced for pastry chefs and open calls will be held in cities across America, starting on Feb. 27. Those chosen will be competing for a $100,000 grand prize and various prizes awarded throughout the show.

Last season’s winner, Yigit Pura, 30, said he would like to use his award money to open a dessert shop in San Francisco. Pura, who is openly gay, made mouthwatering treats like Fuji Apple Tarts with Brown Sugar Hazelnut crumb topping, Strawberry Sorbet with Lemongrass Ginger Icecream, and Mille Feuilles (the three-layered cream-filled pastry also known as a Napoleon).

After frequently being seen topless on the show, Pura became the season’s breakout sex symbol, and was considered by fans to be just as drool-worthy as his confections.

When bloggers from AfterElton asked Pura how he felt about being portrayed in this light, Pura said some comments had been “less tasteful” but it was freedom of speech and ultimately, he felt “flattered.”

“The funny thing is it's (being topless) nothing to me and just happenstance. The thing I don't think people realize is that we wake up with cameras literally in our face,” he said. “If I went to bed in my sleeping shorts and without a shirt on, then if I happened to get out of bed and then the cameras caught me like that. What is truly amazing is that a second and a half clip has been extended into like probably dramatic centuries over the net in some blogs. I think it's kind of hilarious.”

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