'True Blood' Actor Joins Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor Movie

'True Blood' Actor Joins Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor Movie The cast of the Elizabeth Taylor biopic is rounding out, as the all-important role of Richard Burton has been cast. After all, the TV movie is titled "Liz & Dick," so naturally those roles had to be filled quickly.

Grant Bowler is the actor who gets to play the legendary Burton, though you can decide how lucky he is about his co-star. This is the Elizabeth Taylor biopic that everyone has been buzzing about, the one that has Lindsay Lohan playing the role of the beloved actress.

Naturally, when I say "buzzing about," that means positive and negative buzz. But Lohan should have at least one major connection to her new role: Taylor was also a major tabloid subject, as her rocky love life and many marriages made for juicy gossip columns.

Bowler is a much less controversial choice than Lohan, as the actor has quietly racked up a pretty good resume of credits. He had a seven-episode run on "True Blood" as Cooter, as well as a sizable run on "Ugly Betty." Bowler most recently appeared on the now-cancelled ABC comedy/soap "GCB."

Though "Liz & Dick" is being touted as a biography of Taylor's life, it will mostly focus on the relationship between Burton and Taylor. And let's face it, that's the good stuff anyway.

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